Domain Names

Registration or reservation of country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) under (.ir) and ( are fulfilled in Iran provided that certain conditions are met.

The conditions include: 

  1. The requested domain should be under the registration of, or otherwise uniquely connected with the applicant.
  2. The domain should not belong to a list of reserved or forbidden names that include geographic locations in Iran, generic Internet terms, and other names likely to create confusion or the impression of exclusive rights to a common commodity or service.
  3. Three-letter names and names consisting entirely of digits are not allowed unless they are officially registered or widely recognized as the name of the applicant.

Domain names are granted on a first come, first served basis, provided that all necessary conditions for registration and/or reservation are met. Domain name assignment does not entail property rights to the assigned name. However, the beneficiary holds exclusive rights to the use of the name for the period the registration retains validity. 


  1. One-letter domain names, two-letter country codes and other geographic names when causing confusion or misrepresentation, generic Internet terms, names longer than 63 characters, and certain other names are forbidden or reserved as domain names.
  2. The requested domain name should refer in a reasonable way to the name of the organization/company/individual for whom the registration is sought.
  3. It is required that at least two name servers be configured to handle the domain before the application is submitted.
  4. Domain names inactive for one year may be deleted unless prior arrangements are made. Any re-application should be preceded by the settlement of outstanding fees.
  5. Registered names are non-transferable. Where a mutual agreement for transfer of a domain to a new entity is reached, the new party shall be considered a new applicant for registration purposes.

Requirements for registration of a ccTLDs in Iran are:

  1. Simply signed and sealed letter on official letterhead of the applicant that affirms the designation of your agent in Iran.
  2. An active domain name server and related IP address to handle the applied domain name.

An applicant may reserve a domain name to ensure that a desired domain name is available when the applicant is prepared to implement it. 

Requirements for reservation of a ccTLDs in Iran are:

Simply signed and sealed letter on official letterhead of the applicant that affirms the designation of your agent in Iran.

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