About us

ADL MEHRYAS ALBORZ LEGAL FIRM has been providing IP related services and legal consultation for more than 10 years and has assisted its clients in their developments in technology and product style through services in the Intellectual Property field & Company registration under the name of Hosseini Brothers and Associates. Recently, we have assembled a group of young and passionate people in order to improve every aspects of our services. Our main goal is to provide high quality services as clear as possible. The importance of Intellectual Property rights such as Trademark & Patent rights increases day by day. Therefore, our firm strives to strengthen the exclusive rights it grants by pursuing a pro-IP policy.

It is expected that most businesses will change remarkably in the near future and that the technical development of every field will advance enormously. In such a situation, we are improving our own services by establishing service systems involving several Trademark & patent attorneys and equipping ourselves with the state of the art office automation systems.



In this way, we will be able to continue to provide our clients with our own technical information and special skills, in order to ensure they can take advice conveniently and properly use the Intellectual Property system.

Our services

Legal Representation of Foreign Firms

 Our professional staff is ready to represent you in all legal aspects, from registration of your Company all the way to assembling production lines and distributing your products. We are able to provide legal consult on how to proceed and how to succeed.

Obtaining Different Licenses and Permissions

If you are willing to establish a branch in Iran, you might need to obtain certain licenses and permissions, purchasing or renting a land and importing equipment and machinery. We are going to be alongside you in every step, represent you and protect your rights.

Legal Consultancy

As Iran’s growing market opens its doors to more and more foreign firms, it becomes a more attractive opportunity for those who seek to invest on this market or enter it. We are more than willing to guide you in this journey.